ClayWood Clay and Drawing Workshops

Tammeron and Anna have been conducting clay and drawing workshops since 2016. Our first cooperative workshop was in Bulgaria (2016 and 2017) where we offered a clay workshop to children with the Refugee Project to refugees from Africa and the Middle East. In 2017 Tammeron was awarded an Indiana Arts Commission (IAC), Arts in the Parks grant to teach en plein air drawing at Pokagon State Park in Steuben County, Indiana. The program was called Drawing on the Seasons of Pokagon. That same year Anna taught a clay workshop to families in Velingrad, Bulgaria with the support of the Velingrad History Museum. In 2018 Tammeron was awarded a second grant to teach drawing at Pokagon State Park. In 2019 Tammeron and Anna Popova with Shirley Brauker (of Moon Bear Pottery) were awarded a grant to teach ceramic projects at Pokagon State Park by the IAC through their Arts in the Parks program. Understanding Pokagon Through Clay involved five projects in five sessions along with a final follow up discussion and distribution of participant projects just out of the kiln. We were awarded a grant for a second clay workshop in 2020 called the Pokagon Clay Workshop but the project was canceled due to the pandemic.

Workshops For Older (60 +)Adults:
Tammeron was one of 22 cohorts selected for training by the IAC with Lifetime Arts and the Indiana Arts Commission, Lifelong Arts to teach arts to older adults. Funding for a teaching, fellowship, project was also provided. This fellowship project occurred in the spring of 2022 was entitled Story Telling Pottery. This five session workshop brought together the craft of meal-making with the making of pottery as a means to tell stories about the meals and the foods we love. Participants learned basic hand-building pottery techniques including: clay preparation and treatment, basic pottery-ware construction such as bowls and cups as well as decorating techniques. The fifth and final workshop meeting was a potluck meal outdoors using pottery made during the workshop. The workshop is designed for persons 65 years and older.

Since our first Spring 22 Lifelong Arts workshop we have conducted Story Telling Pottery twice and we will be offering a garden decoration, garden marker workshop for older adults late spring 2024 at Arts for Lawrence (northwest Indianapolis).

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Storytelling Pottery
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Understanding Pokagon Through Clay
Drawing on the Seasons of Pokagon
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